Welcome to Jack & Jill Doll Hospital and Antiques

Over the years, I have been asked the same questions over and over again regarding doll repair. I have developed this website in order to help people restore their own dolls as much as possible with simple do at home techniques. I am happy to give you the following tips, hints and advice on doll repair free of charge. I have had Jack & Jill Doll Hospital for the past 38 years in Omaha, Nebraska.  I have recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I am more than happy to receive an email message or phone call from Nebraska area customers or anywhere, in order to give you an estimate and repair your doll(s).  I have done this successfully many times over with very happy results for everyone! 

I am named one of the ten best doll hospitals in the country by Good Housekeeping Magazine. If you do determine that professional help in doll restoration and repair is needed, I offer my services at Jack and Jill Doll Hospital. 

Please send a digital picture or photo of the doll to be repaired, your description of what you think is wrong with the doll, and I will send you a free estimate and what repairs need to be done. Please contact me at your convenience.   I appraise dolls via the Internet or I will come to your location if it is within driving distance from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I charge $45.00 per hour for doll appraisals involving doll collections. Single or just a few dolls are $5.00 each. I appraise for insurance and estate purposes. Some dolls get broken by moving or other people doing work in their homes. For example, I have been contacted by Air Force Bases, for dolls broken in moves, and have had many doll owners come to me due to someone in their house accidentally breaking their doll. If this happens to you, or you need to appraise a collection for estate purposes, please contact me. I will try to answer any questions about the value of your antique doll or dolls via this website also, please contact me.

If you are wanting to sell your doll or dolls online, I also sell on eBay as jillb828. I have sold thousands of antique dolls, doll related items and other antiques since 1998. I sell on consignment for people who inherited dolls, want to sell their childhood doll or dolls or other antiques. I am very competitive in price and happy to be of assistance. I charge 40% if the doll or item sells for less than $40, and 35% if the doll or item sells for more than $40 minus miscellaneous fees involved. 

I also buy dolls in as is condition. Please send me a digital picture and description. I do pay fair prices within 40-60 percent of the value.