About Me 

My educational background is a bachelor's in art degree. I have taught art at the secondary level in the Midwest. I also taught art at the American School of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland in the early 1990's. My first experience in doll collecting began when my mother started collecting antique dolls in the early 1960's. I acommpanied my mother in her doll collecting trips to antique and thrift shops in the midwest, attended auctions in the small towns of Iowa and Nebraska, began studying and read her numerous doll books. I did meet many interesting people and doll collectors who would sell or trade their old dolls with my mother. When doll repair questions came up, they would share their doll restoration secrets, tips, and information. 
I found the history of vintage dolls, fashions, appropriate materials of the era, craftsmanship or artistry in dollmaking of dolls,  very fascinating. My mother dreamed of someday having a doll museum filled with German and French dolls: Jumeau, Bru, Simon & Halbig, Kestner, paper-mache, Composition dolls, china headed dolls from the civil war and turn of the century era dolls. Unfortunately, it never came to pass. I have carried on the tradition by continuing to repair dolls through Jack and Jill Doll Hospital in order that people can pass on heirloom treasures through their families or enjoy them in the present.  I have a great appreciation for the fabrics, fashions, and quality of the dolls from yesteryear. I have seen many mistakes made by collectors/owners and small tricks to enhance and preserve vintage dolls from bisque to composition. I want to help you identify what you can do to preserve your doll without harming it's integrity and value.

I am here to share some of the tips and useful information and shared throughout the years.

Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have. 

Thank you! 


Jack and Jill Doll Hospital